Mentors / Partners

Tremont Mentors and Partners provide a crucial link to real-life experiences for all of our students.  Middle and Upper School Independent Study projects include a requirement for students to consult with an expert in their area of study.  Middle School units include field trip experiences and presentations by Visiting Scholars.  Upper School courses are designed with help from external partners and opportunities to learn about professional experiences.

If you can offer your expertise in an area of professional experience, please call the Tremont office at 781-235-4805 or email to learn more about our database of mentors and events like the Career Awareness Forums.  A sample of project interest areas is included below.

Career Awareness Forum

These forums are intended to expose our students to various career possibilities, some of which they may not even know exist, and fuel their passion, purpose and direction for learning. Tremont community members participate as someone who has an interesting profession and can give students information and perspective on why they chose (and why a student may choose) to work in their field.  There is no expectation of offering jobs or other internship possibilities.  Our goal is to expose students to a variety of career opportunities early in their educational life.


Recent Areas of Interest for Independent Study Projects

This is a sample of recent topics of interest – the full list is much longer!

Graphic Design
Web development
Therapy Dogs
Musical Theatre
Improv/Sketch Comedy
Comedy – What is funny?
Film Directing
Publishing a comic book
ASL (American Sign Language)
Paranormal Activity
Student Recruitment and Marketing
Textiles and Weaving
Wedding Dress Design and Creation
Video Game – Level and Object Design
Video Game – Development and Marketing
Coding and Graphic Design for Minecraft mods
Video animation
Ancient battles of the world
Comparative Christianity with focus on Mormonism
Political History of the Holy Roman Empire
Non-profit management