Have you dreamed about working in a school that uses your ideas, passions and experience to create a learning environment where all students and teachers thrive?

Where, on a daily basis, students are provided with a relevant context for their learning using a project-based, hands-on, thematic curriculum.

Where students and teachers learn together in a civic-minded community that highly values friendships and intellectual curiosity.

Where the school is devoted to attracting a wide variety of learning and personality styles.

Where life is considered an extension of the classroom.

If you can answer an enthusiastic yes to these questions, we want to hear from you!

The Tremont School is an independent middle and upper school currently serving grades 5-11. Over five years the school has evolved to include a new grade level each year working toward the goal of graduating the first senior class in the spring of 2018. Originally located in Weston, the Tremont School has grown and is now in its new Lexington, MA location.

We are looking for talented individuals with diverse expertise to join our team. The following positions are available:

Head of School
Please click here for our Head of School Search page.

STEM – Chemistry/Biology Teacher
We are adding 12th grade to our Upper School program, our first graduating class. Our Upper School will continue to develop our project based, interdisciplinary, individualized curriculum.  We are looking for teachers who are curious learners with deep subject knowledge, interdisciplinary interests, and a desire to connect with each student’s interests.  Our STEM – Chemistry/Biology teacher will have the opportunity to develop two innovative project-based courses in Chemistry and Biology, integrating science content with math, technology, and other areas of the curriculum to give students a real-life sense of the purposes and possibilities of Chemistry and Biology. This role will work in close collaboration with the Humanities teacher and the math teacher.  As one of a few teachers in our growing Upper School program, you will have a unique role in shaping the curriculum and program of our secondary school.  For more information please download the full position description by clicking here.

Substitute Teacher: Tremont School is looking for substitute teachers at both the middle and upper school levels. The school is designed to support the academic, social and emotional development of students in a small, personalized learning community. All classes are co-taught and embrace a Living Curriculum that is responsive to the individual student’s learning needs. We value experience with project based learning, authentic assessment, and understanding individual learning styles. Everyone at Tremont is responsible for mentoring students in social and emotional areas, seeing these areas of learning as equal to academic growth.

For consideration for any of the above faculty or staff positions, please send your resume, cover letter, and list of references to:  Amanda Packard, Assistant Head of School, at