Tremont School is a deliberately diverse and collaborative community that challenges students to take ownership of their learning. We create a real-world, interdisciplinary context that fosters joyful exploration and develops students’ natural curiosity, personal interests, and individual potential. Tremont graduates critical thinkers, problem solvers, and compassionate and dynamic citizens.


  • Students thrive when they feel connected to what they are learning and contribute to a community
  • Strong communities are built on a foundation of respect for diversity of thought, learning styles, personality, and culture
  • Teaching must be individualized because learning is individualized
  • The richest learning environment integrates the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive lives of students
  • Tremont School is a collaboration among students, teachers, parents, and community

Kids don’t live in a vacuum, and we don’t believe they should learn in one either. At the Tremont School, we feel that students learn best in an environment that fosters and supports connections—between thinking and doing; between experience and imagination; between the uniqueness of each student and the workings of a community. By bringing learning into the lives of the students, by letting them see, feel, hear, and share their connection to the material, they create a deeper, more personalized understanding of what they are learning. And they do so within the context of a diverse and inclusive community. Each student brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the learning community, and when the curriculum is connected to their lives and experiences, they remain deeply and personally invested in the process of learning.

Through students’ engagement in our project-based Living Curriculum, the value of these connections and relationships become a powerful transformational experience that prepares students for the intellectual, social, and emotional rigors of college, the workplace, and the world in which every student is a citizen. By owning their learning they become initiators. By knowing themselves, they become strong collaborators and friends. By knowing their community and striving to serve its needs, they find success and fulfillment.